Course fully open, full greens in use.
Buggies in use.


A stunning, Grade 1 listed, early-Georgian clubhouse.

A beautiful parkland course, adjoining Richmond Park and Ham Common.

A private members’ club, where new members and visitors are warmly welcomed.

An oasis of calm in the village of Petersham in Surrey, only nine miles from Central London.


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Club Diary for 29 Apr to 28 Apr 2018
Date Title
  29 Apr Business Ladies' Stableford
  01 May Casual Mixed
  02 May Twigs Golf pm & Dinner
  02 May Ladies' Stableford
  02 May RGC Committee v SGS Committee
  03 May Ladies v Foxhills(F)(A)
  03 May SGS v West Hill
  04 May Ladies' Open
  05 May Captain's Charity Day
  06 May Gardiner & Theobald G.S.
  07 May All Nations Trophy
  08 May Men's over 60s v Royal Mid surrey(L)(H)
  08 May Captain's Committee Meeting
  09 May Men v Ladies Margaret Hespe Trophy
  10 May Men's Mid Week Stableford
  11 May Togs G.S.
  13 May Captain's Prize Day
  15 May Men's Over 60s v Denham(F)(H)
  16 May Ladies' Ping Competition
  19 May Men's Spring Meeting Higgins Cup
  20 May Men's Spring Meeting Barnett Cup & Gold Medal
  21 May Men's Spring Meeting:Queen Victoria Cup
  21 May Ladies' Spring Meeting I
  22 May Closing Date:Stephenson Singles 3rd Rd
  22 May Stephenson Foursomes 2nd Rd
  22 May Men's Veterans' Singles & Foursomes 1st Rd
  23 May Course Maintenance
  23 May Ladies' Spring Meeting II
  24 May Course Maintenance
  25 May Course Maintenance
  25 May Men's Over 60s v Roehampton (L)(A)
  26 May Course Maintenance
  29 May Spring Bank Holiday
  29 May Sweetsur Salver(Mixed Greensomes)
  30 May Ladies' Alliance
  31 May SGS Keith Smith
  01 Jun Ladies' Early Bird Competition
  01 Jun Hillgate Management Limited G.S.
  01 Jun QRGS Golf Day
  02 Jun PGR Golf Day
  03 Jun Business Ladies' Medal
  05 Jun Rags G.S.
  05 Jun Paul Calderbank G.S.
  06 Jun Twigs Golf & Dinner
  06 Jun Ladies' New Zealand Trophy Medal
  07 Jun Men's Mid Week Medal (Purdey Bowl)
  08 Jun Richmond Cricket Club G.S.(08.30 - 09.45 1st & 10th)
  09 Jun Momentum Charity Day
  10 Jun Men's Medal
  11 Jun Robertson Memorial Cup Qualifying
  12 Jun Ladies' Away Trip
  12 Jun Captain's Committee Meeting
  13 Jun Ladies' Away Trip
  13 Jun Delectus Luxury Group Golf Day
  14 Jun Ladies' Away Trip
  14 Jun SGS Captain's Day
  15 Jun IDF Golf Day
  16 Jun Luxury Group Corporate G.S.
  17 Jun Business Ladies' Stableford for Cancer Relief
  18 Jun Completion Date:Stephenson Singles 4th Rd
  18 Jun Stephenson Foursomes 3rd Rd
  18 Jun Men's Veterans' Singles & Foursomes 2nd Rd
  19 Jun Mayfair Luncheon Club G.S.
  19 Jun Ladies v Coombe Hill (F)(H)
  19 Jun Nick Walford G/S
  20 Jun Ladies' Stableford for Cancer Relief
  20 Jun Russell School G.S.
  22 Jun Men's Over 60s v Wimbledon Common(L)(A)
  22 Jun SGS Gold Cup
  23 Jun Park Entertainment G.S.
  24 Jun Men's Seniors' Championship (Over 60s)
  24 Jun Edgar Pohlman Cup
  25 Jun Men's & Ladies' Club Championship
  26 Jun SGS v The Press
  27 Jun Lady Captain's Charity Day
  27 Jun Management Committee Meeting
  29 Jun July Cup G.S.
  29 Jun Ladies v Cuddington (F)(H)
  29 Jun Men's Over 60s v Fulwell (F)(A)
  29 Jun Men v Kingston Police
  30 Jun Corporate Charity Day
  01 Jul Business Ladies' Medal
  01 Jul Summer Party
  03 Jul Men's Over 60s v Coombe Hill (F)(A)
  03 Jul White Hart G.S
  04 Jul Ladies' Medal
  04 Jul Credit Suisse Golf Day (1pm - 1.45pm 1st & 10th)
  06 Jul Bogottors G.S.
  06 Jul Ladies v Surbiton (F)(A)
  07 Jul City Luncheon Club
  07 Jul London Irish G.S.
  08 Jul Men's Stableford
  09 Jul Stephenson Foursomes 4th Rd
  09 Jul Completion Date:Stephenson Singles 5th Rd
  10 Jul RGC v The Vagrants
  10 Jul Captain's Committee Meeting
  11 Jul Twigs Golf & Dinner (pm)
  11 Jul Lady Captain's Prize Day
  12 Jul Course Closed 3.30pm for course Maintenance
  13 Jul Pro-am (Shotgun Start 108.45)
  15 Jul Business Ladies' Stableford
  15 Jul Men v West Surrey (H) 09.15 - 10.00
  17 Jul Men's Over 60s v Coombe Wood(F)(H) 08.30
  18 Jul Ladies' Stableford (Start Sheet)
  19 Jul Men's Mid Week Medal
  20 Jul SGS President's Day (09.30 - 12.00)
  21 Jul The Don Cup
  23 Jul SGS Summer Party From 6pm Onwards
  24 Jul
28 Jul
Course Maintenance
  24 Jul Men's Over 60s v Hampton Court (F) (A) 08.30
  25 Jul Ladies' Away Day
  25 Jul Management Committee Meeting
  01 Aug Ladies' Fourball Better Ball
  02 Aug SGS Freddie Bradshaw Jug (Open to all Members of RGC)
  03 Aug Men's Over 60s v Wimbledon Park (F) (A)
  05 Aug Business Ladies' Medal
  05 Aug Entries Open: Men's Autumn Meeting
  07 Aug Lloyds Rugby Club G.S.(09.00 - 10.30)
  08 Aug Ladies' Medal (Start Sheet)
  10 Aug Christie Salver Past Lady Captain's Trophy
  10 Aug SGS v John O'Gaunt (10.30 - 11.30)
  11 Aug Wags G/S (08.00 - 09.15)
  12 Aug Professional's Day
  14 Aug Men's Over 60s v Fulwell (F) (H) 08.30
  14 Aug Captain's Committee Meeting
  15 Aug Ladies' Alliance (Start Sheet)
  16 Aug Men's Mid Week Stableford
  17 Aug Prov: Kath Thompson G.S
  18 Aug SGS Guest Day
  19 Aug Business Ladies' Stableford
  22 Aug Entries Open For All Men's Winter K/O Competitions
  22 Aug Ladies' Stableford (Start Sheet)
  24 Aug Ladies v The Drift (F) (H) 10.30 - 11.15
  25 Aug Drillers & Fillers G.S
  26 Aug Business Ladies' Medal
  26 Aug Men's Medal: Prince Arthur of Connaught Qualifier
  28 Aug Summer Bank Holiday
  28 Aug Closing Date: Semi Finals All Competitions (Except Veterans & Davis Dorling)
  28 Aug Ormston Salver (Mixed Greensomes)
  29 Aug Ladies' Sudbrook Medal (Start Sheet)
  29 Aug Management Committee Meeting
  31 Aug Ladies v Clandon Regis (F)(A)
  31 Aug Men's Over 60s v Royal Mid Surrey (L)(A) 08.30
  31 Aug SGS Jubilee Cup (09.30 - 11.00)
  01 Sep Charles Thompson Memorial G/S
  02 Sep Finals Day Course Closed Until 3.00pm
  03 Sep Queen Mother's Trophy
  04 Sep Men's Over 60s v Coombe Wood (L) (A) 08.30
  04 Sep SGS v RGC Green Staff 1.30pm
  05 Sep Twigs Golf & Dinner
  05 Sep Ladies' Summer / Winter Competition (Start Sheet)
  07 Sep SGS Baddeley Cake & Slice (09.30 - 11.00)
  08 Sep Men's Autumn Meeting - Robin Cup (Open to Full & Five Day Male Members)
  09 Sep Men's Autumn Meeting: Gold Medal & Cooper Salver (Open to Full Members)
  10 Sep Men's Autumn Meeting: Selby Cup (Open to Full Members)
  10 Sep Ladies' Autumn Meeting Stableford
  11 Sep Ladies' Autumn Meeting Medal (09.30 - 11.00)
  11 Sep Captain's Committee Meeting
  12 Sep Ladies' Autumn Meeting Stableford (08.30 - 10.00)
  13 Sep Prov: David Ashworth G/S
  14 Sep Ladies v Wimbledon Park (F) (A)
  14 Sep Men's Over 60s v Surbiton (L) (A) 08.30
  14 Sep Chris Pettit charity Golf Day(12.30 - 1.45 1st & 10th)
  16 Sep David White Vases
  19 Sep Ladies' Texas Scramble
  20 Sep Men's Midweek Stableford: Arthur Charlesworth Cup
  21 Sep SGS v Limpsfield Chart (09.30 - 10.15)
  22 Sep Guest Day Shotgun Start 08.45
  23 Sep Business Ladies' Stableford
  24 Sep Entries Close: All Men's Winter KO Competitions
  25 Sep Jane Derville Golf Day (10.30 - 11.30 & 2pm - 3pm)
  26 Sep Ladies' Stableford (Start Sheet)
  26 Sep Management Committee Meeting
  27 Sep David King G/S
  28 Sep SGS John Hine Cup (09.30 - 11.00)
  29 Sep Puddle Jumpers G/S
  29 Sep Past Captain's Dinner (Black Tie) 7.30pm
  30 Sep Men's Medal
  01 Oct Victory Shield v Royal Mid Surrey (A)
  01 Oct Rube Shield v Royal Mid Surrey (H)
  02 Oct Rhino G.S
  03 Oct Ladies TBA
  05 Oct Ladies v Malden (F) (H) 10.30 - 11.15
  06 Oct SGS Rehearsal Cube Room 4.00pm - 11.00pm
  07 Oct Stage Evening 8pm
  08 Oct Closing Date: Prince Arthur of Connaught 1st Rd.
  08 Oct Club v SGS Shotgun Start 09.00
  09 Oct Men's Over 60's v Roehampton (F)(H)
  09 Oct Captain's Committee Meeting
  10 Oct Ladies' Texas Scramble
  11 Oct Michael Wallis Memorial Trophy (Over 60s)
  12 Oct SGS v Lords Taveners (09.30 - 10.15)
  13 Oct Ride of The Lions Golf Day
  14 Oct Business Ladies' Stableford
  14 Oct Men's Stableford
  16 Oct SGS Gordon Clyde Trophy (09.30 - 11.00)
  17 Oct Ladies' Stableford (Start Sheet)
  19 Oct ICL Golf Day
  24 Oct Ladies' Matchplay (Start Sheet)
  24 Oct Management Committee Meeting
  26 Oct SGS Ian Hay Cup (09.30 - 10.30)
  28 Oct Business Ladies' Medal
  29 Oct Completion Date:Prince of Connaught Quarter Finals
  30 Oct Men's Over 60s v Coombe Hill (F) (H) 08.30
  31 Oct Ladies' Medal (Start Sheet)
  01 Nov Men's Mid Week Stableford
  03 Nov Annual Men's Dinner 7.30pm for 8pm
  07 Nov Lady Captain v Ladies' Secretary (Start Sheet)
  09 Nov Ladybirds G/S
  11 Nov Business Ladies' Stableford
  12 Nov Completion Date: Men's Winter Fourball 1st Rd.
  13 Nov Captain's Committee Meeting
  14 Nov Ladies' Maguire Trophy Stableford (Start Sheet)
  19 Nov Completion Date: Prince Arthur of Connaught Semi-Finals
  21 Nov Ladies TBA
  24 Nov Malcolm Headley G/S
  25 Nov Men's Monthly Stableford
  26 Nov 1st Christmas Lunch
  28 Nov Ladies' Foursomes (Start Sheet)
  28 Nov Management Committee Meeting
  01 Dec Glynpot G/S
  03 Dec 2nd Christmas Lunch
  04 Dec Captain's Committee Meeting
  05 Dec Ladies' Christmas Lunch 12.30pm
  06 Dec Men's Christmas Fayre (Individual)
  07 Dec Met Police Day
  08 Dec Bill Carey-Evans Yuletide Mug
  09 Dec Business Ladies' Stableford Chicken Run
  09 Dec Christmas Fayre (Fourball Better Ball)
  10 Dec 3rd Christmas Lunch
  10 Dec Completion Date: Men's Winter Fourball 2nd Rd.
  12 Dec Ladies' Stableford Turkey Trot
  12 Dec Management Committee Meeting
  15 Dec SGS Turkey Trot (09.30 - 11.30)
  16 Dec Children's Christmas Party
  16 Dec Men's Stableford (Final Golfer of the Year Event)
  17 Dec Sunday Lunch - Traditional
  19 Dec Ladies' Roll Up 09.30
  24 Dec Christmas Eve
  25 Dec Christmas Day Lunch
  26 Dec Boxing Day - No Catering Mixed Bar Open 11am - 4pm
  26 Dec Ladies' Roll Up 09.30
  31 Dec New Year's Eve